3rd of August

August 3, 2017

Dear Journal,

Hey there everyoneeeeeee!

Yes, I am still here. I am still alive and kicking 🤣🤣🤣 and alsoooo, yes it’s true that I went to a hiatus. 

It’s just that things weren’t just falling in into their right time frames and that made me skip tons of blogging activities. But even though that’s the case, I am still trying to start back again to where I left and just go on with the ride…

Well, what happened to me these past few months??? 

Hmmm… Continue reading “3rd of August”


28th of June

June 28, 2017

Dear Journal,

          If I would have a ranking of the most stressful days of my college life, I’ll make sure today’s listed. Well, what made me say that?… It is just so tiring, you know hahahaha. 

          Earlier this morning, I woke up and got myself fixed and wholeheartedly faced the traffic mayhem in Manila only to find out that we still don’t have a class (no-show for the professor due to some reasons that we don’t know). Gosh! It was really depressing, seriously. **reminiscing the time when I should be still lying on my bed and continuing the adventures inside my dream world. Ugh! Even though my dream last night wasn’t really that joyous, to be honest, it was a bit weird actually but still!!! a sleep is still a sleep. Oh I miss my bed at home 😞

          Buttttttt of course my day did not just stop at the morning welcome of a VERY VERY bright day for me lols, I still got so many weirder and stressful experiences today. Well since we have a long vacant time due to having no first class, me and my friends headed to my dormitory for some refreshments, but then it rained WAAAHHHH! Of all the time, why a sudden downpour, my dearest skies? Though I love rainy season so much that I could live with it, today is justttt not good day, you know… haysttt. Continue reading “28th of June”

26th of June


June 26, 2017

Dear Journal,

          It’s Monday once more and things are getting a little bit weird in college. And what I mean by that is that our class GC [group chat] will be like the root of more weirdness this semester. People seemed to be not really interested to what others were saying and there’s even a case when someone cursed. It indeed came out of nowhere and everyone was shocked by that and also triggering other people. For us [me and my old classmates], I am proud to say that no one did that during our times as freshmen and also there’s none who sweared at someone for no reason. It’s just pointless, you know. I know that each of us has our own way of conversing with each other but can’t we put it in a nice way? We don’t need to show ourselves off just to make impression to people and also given that we’re new to each other. It doesn’t seem right and I think it’ll never will.

          Right now, I am choosing to be quiet not because I don’t want to be involved in fights but because it’s just so immature if I’ll say something, right? *sighs*

          But because it’s like the first day of a brand new week, I want to be positive about the things that I should be doing. I am planning to finish every single school work that I have on my desk and yeah… wish me luck!

          And as for the issues, let’s just get over it, can we?

          So I guess that would be it for today, see ya!



22nd of June

June 22, 2017

Dear Journal,

            It’s effin’ Thursday today and this would be the last day for my week because we have no classes for Saturday since its Manila Day!!!!!!!!!! So happy XD

            My emotions may not be felt that much by my entry for today but I am really passionate to show how much joyous I am at this very moment. *jumps* Finally, I can go back home and eat tons of foods without worrying about my weekly budget. HAHAHA.

            I think a lot of students living in their respective dorms would get the idea of what I am sayin’ right now coz really… it’s really hard to manage both money and boredom when you’re away from home. Seriously! If only I can manage the chance to travel every single day, I would but the only problem is that the TRAFFIC here in Manila is just a headache. It can even give you a migraine. Lols. The stress of so much people inside the terminals and the multiple accidents happenin’ around, it’s just a total wreck. Phew!

            But like I said, I am going back home today and it’s gonna be a five-day vacation for me so yasss!!! Let’s enjoy this long weekend. See ya next time!





20th of June

June 20, 2017

Dear Journal,

            Well well well, no class again today. HAHAHA. Actually, I am really digging my 4-days class schedule this semester coz we seemed to hold our time pretty much and there’s plenty of time to do other stuff aside from those for college. And maybe that is the reason why I got the chance to write a diary entry for this day. Thanks sched!!! 🙂 Continue reading “20th of June”

19th of June

June 19, 2017

Dear Journal,

            Today was the first day of our college comeback and just like exactly what I’ve always thought about, things went really A-W-K-W-A-R-D.

            Since we were mixed up with other students from other classes, we were not so comfortable with each other and I bet this will last for another semester. *sighs* All of us might think that reshuffling was like the worst idea that happened in our department but like I’ve always said, we just have to accept it to ease things up between us.

            With regards to the agenda that happened the entire day – nothing was really interesting. No usual personal introductions in front of the class and cliques were still everywhere. I am strongly betting that this would be a rough rough road ahead but let me wish one thing… just no more fights. This was the reason why we fought the first time back when we were freshmen and nobody wants it to happen once again.

            Fighting! #startingfreshoncemore




15th of June

June 15, 2017

Dear Journal,

            This is the kind of day that I really hate the most. The red day… I mean, why do us, girls, have to suffer every single month for this. Lols XD. It is just really unacceptable, honestly speaking. *sighs*

            Well anyway, as if I can do anything to resolve this mess, I’ll just cut the chase and finish this journal entry for the day HAHA. Hmmm… Actually, I was scheduling something to be posted like an update on one of my favorite series that I am doing here in my blog but ended up discarding everything that I made. Too much conflicting ideas, I guess. And so, I want to do it again tomorrow after my prep sessions for the semestral opening this coming Monday. I know that rushing things up is not a good idea that is why I want to think things over and over again before publishing anything. Hoping for the best! Bye. 🙂