18th of April

April 18, 2018

Dear Journal,

Today, we had an advanced coding session for the Arduino-Supported Mobile Robot (MOBOT) with Sir Peter. Also, it was this day when I held a testing for the bots to assure its quality before the final presentation on Saturday at Philippine National Bank (PNB). In order to do this, we separated the pieces and fix it every now and then to familiarize with all the modules as well as its connections.

As for me, I also did some troubleshooting session with the 2 MOBOTS assigned to me since they are of different Bluetooth modules and I must initialize it at a different way as compared to others. It was not that hard since we were all well-supervised by Sir Peter. Thanks to him I managed to finish the task successfully. 🙂 


17th of April

April 17, 2018

Dear Journal,

On this day, we had our Arduino-Supported Mobile Robot (MOBOT) Workshop with Sir Angelo Javier and Sir Josiah Sicad. Given that we already had our introductory lesson with Arduino, we took another step forward to build up our skills and knowledge on the project that we’re going to finish by the end of the week. To do that, the MOBOT was handed to us individually. Basically, there were three boards in the bot – one for the motor, another for the bluetooth module and lastly is the main Arduino board (Gizduino ATMEGA168).

As for our discussion, we focused on points such as making the MOBOT capable of sensing and avoid different obstacles, following or tracing a line and be controlled by merely using a mobile application called Arduino RC. It was fun yet a very challenging experience especially with the line tracing since there were some adjustments that must be made with the sensors by at least, I learned a lot today. I am very much hoping for more in the future.

27th of March

March 27, 2018

Dear Journal,

            I literally did a city adventure today with my friend since we just started our company hunt for our summer internship program. It was still unimaginable for me to fathom how long we walked and traveled between cities only to land a job. Now I realize that finishing your studies is a thing but finding a work suitable for you is a way lot different story. There are a lot of requirements that need to be fulfilled as well as the circumstances along the way that also need to consider. It was pretty much difficult, but I guess that maybe if we continue doing this, we’ll figure out how to manage things up without roaming the roads unconsciously.

            To wrap things up today, I want to thank the Almighty for protecting us all throughout our journey today. Thanks G! 😊




12th of December

December 12, 2017

Dear Journal,

            And this marks my last college day for 2017. Can you imagine how time just flew!? Wow. My entire year really went like a short run and the countdown for Christmas is already up. There were so many things to finish up at the university and that is why it’s been a while since I posted something like this. Apologies! Meanwhile, as my vacation time starts, I am just so excited to go back to Baguio after so many years. Yes, that’s right – we planned to stay there until Christmas’ day and I am expecting to have a great week there. Even though I was just a little grade school student when I first when up to the “City of Pines”, I remember all those memories that I created along with my friends. All the laughter that we shared, I treasure it until today. Actually, I am really curious what they’re doing right now. Hahaha. Can they still remember me? Hmmm…

            Anyways, I guess that this is enough as an entry for today. I really hope that this season will be worth keeping. See ya!




19th of November

November 19, 2017

Dear Journal,

          It’s today when I took the highly anticipated JLSS (Junior Level Science Scholarship) Examination which was supported by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) here in the Philippines. There were several testing centers all over the country but as for me, I did mine somewhere in Manila. At first, I thought that I would not take everything seriously – that it is fine whatever happens but when I got there, a part of me seemed to be so conscious of passing. It was a feeling so similar to what I felt during the time I took the UPCAT. And so, during the one hour of waiting upon the start of the test, I continuously tried to calm myself by listening to music. Fortunately, it worked – a little. My K-Pop playlist gave me some sort of energy to pursue the examination. Phew! Continue reading “19th of November”

9th of November

November 9, 2017

Dear Journal,

            Today marks the beginning of my review sessions for a scholarship program that I applied October. It is not just an ordinary opportunity since I never got to do this back when I was still in middle school. Fortunately, because I am attending a renowned state university here in Manila, I can finally attempt to grab this one out. Honestly, I am really pressured to pass the examination for this is huge that I feel like I cannot make any mistakes at all – so many things are just at stake. Adding to the tension, when I saw the subjects that will be included in the test, they are all my weaknesses. But even though that is the case, I am thankful on the other side since I have this chance to prove to everyone what I am capable of – that I am not where I am today simply because of anything else. I want to show to people that I can do this despite of all the hindrances that may come along the way. Fighting!!!


**Please pray for meeeee! Thanks a lot. 😊