10th of August

10th of August

Dear Journal,

Yep yep yep… today is Thursdayyyyyy!!! (**Please take this line as a representation of my happiness**) Even though there are tons of things that must be accomplished today, I am still happy that I made this far ~healthily. Hahaha. It is because a lot of my friends were already sick due to our packed daily schedules and there is indeed a great chance of breaking down with all the mess that is happening around. Phew!

Anywayyyy… what else happened today? Hmmm. So basically I had a 3-hr quiz, a 3-hr differential equations lecture and another 3 effin hours for the laboratory. Not only that! I still had 3 hours of probability discussion — all in the same day. I can’t believe it. Lols. It was literally a torture. But even though that is the case, we cannot change anything on our schedule coz first of all, it is a state university and what the students just have to do is listen and study with no complaints at all. Well, that’s life. Hayyystt. Just accept the fact that it’s already like living inside the college. 😑

But if courseeee, my day did not just end there. There will always be the main highlight. What is it? The class meeting. And so, someone reported about the test leakage that happened last Monday. With everyone all in rage trying to find out who the heck spoke out, my perspective is different ~ of course, I said something during the meeting.

I want people around me especially my batchmates to realize several things. Yes, I know that friendship is a huge thing for all of us most especially in times like this, but also coming with that is the fact that if we are indeed real and true friends, we must not tolerate such stupid acts and act like nothing happened or we do not know anything about it. It is not real friendship, if that is the case. Like what someone said to me in the past ~ “hindi mo ikayayaman ang pandaraya at di ka totoong kaibigan kung tutulungan mo siya”. And so I spoke out to the meeting.

~~~ everyone commits mistakes – may that be in a test and even in life, but the main point here is that we should all learn from it. May this be a lesson to everyone and I am very much hoping that this would all be fixed coz there are tons of innocent people at risk just because of such stupid acts like this.


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