7th of August

7th of August

Dear Journal,

Honestly, words aren’t really enough to describe what I am feeling right at this moment. Well today was another busy one for me since 2 of our theses still needed some work to be dones and also, major examinations were all added in a day and it made every single atom in my body freak out lols…

Yes, it’s pretty much understandable that this is part of being a student and I also admit to myself that indeed, I am already kind of abusive with regards to my own health. There came the lack of sleep, endless stress about projects and as well as the lack of time to have some proper meal. As a matter of fact, even though I was like diagnosed with acid reflux, things weren’t just falling in to their proper time and places making me feel tortured from head down to my toes. 😦 To be honest, there was even a time when I only had a proper dinner to survive the entire day. Indeed, it was hellish but what can I do? You may say, have some try on correctly managing your time and always know your top priorities but I have done that already. Still, a failure. Hayssst. There’s just tons of things to do with a very little amount of alloted time.

Not only that, also add to the equation my “bwisit” moment a while ago after my examination in a major course subject. This is when I found out that the test we first took leaked to other people whose schedule is far from today. Can you just imagine how unfair that is!? Look… We studied our butts off last night, drowning ourselves with thousands of terminologies, hoping that at least half of it will be shown in the exam, but for those who did that stupid thing? They’ll just basically memorize the answer key. Huhuhu

As a lesson, I just want people to realize how wrong that kind of act is. The mere fact that you helped people do cheating makes you no different from them. Have some conscience. (**Don’t show your face in front of us coz we never know if we can control ourselves when we see you. /whoever the heck you are/)


Hayystt. Anyway, I think I need to sleep already coz I still have research thingyyy to be done tomorrow. Bye!



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