25th of August

August 25, 2017

Dear Journal,

It’s Fridayyyy y’all! 

Actually, I didn’t expect that I will have this opportunity right now to be able to write a diary update for the day since I was suppose to be reviewing for an examination tomorrow but since the classes were already suspended, it’s all great! Haha. Not that I am not ready for the happenings for the next day, it’s just that.. you know, it is still good to have extra time for preparation. I mean, we need that. Badly. I won’t enlist every single test that I got recently coz it is totally depressing, but I would only like to say that we deserve this rest, at the very least and… thanks for that! 🙂

Well today, aside from the 6 hours that I spent reviewing my lecture notes, there’s this one thing that became the highlight of my day. It’s the fact that I skipped my dinner for a friend for the very first time. Honestly, I felt like a total fool for waiting and not eating for the sake of friendship. The thing is because, this friend of mine who also happens to be living together with me in the dorm promised me that she’ll be having dinner with me which we always do every Fridays. Guess what… she broke that. Ouch. This is the first time I actually waited for someone and annoyed me at the end of the night. Hayst. 

Let’s see how she catches up with my temper for next few days. Lol. She’s not getting away with this. I swear. Haha. 



17th of August

August 17, 2017

Dear Journal,

            A continuation of the Monday-feels ~ ~ ~ Thursday…

            I had two examinations today such as electronics and differential equations. The first one was D.E. and I am grateful that I got to finish the test at the right time. It wasn’t that easy as well as that much hard – just right there in the middle. And right now, all I am praying is to have good scores on both so as to maintain the ranking that I have in the class. Well, this is me. HAHA. People might look at me as a very serious person who only cares about her marks which is a bit saddening. Others except for those who have been with me these past two years are afraid to even say a word in front of me since they think that I’ll say something that belittles their entire character – which is definitely not true. Seriously!

This is the main reason why I’ve been putting more effort into extending myself to others so as to avoid that growing gap among us. And today, I’ve accomplished something. I finally established a great conversation between me and X who is known to be one of our great rivals in the past. You know, college fights… But since none of us should make our personal interests interfere with being professional, I am glad that we got a good connection. In a very short span of time, we shared our own thoughts and opinions about random things in life. Other people might say that this is just merely fake friendship but for me, it is not. What is so wrong with befriending people, right?


14th of August

August 14, 2017

Dear Journal,

            So it’s Monday today and it’s another episode in the college hell series… Originally, I have four classes in a row set on my time schedule but since something came up with my professor in circuits, take one subject out of the equation which makes it comfy for me to do the things that I can’t usually do on Mondays. And so, I took the chance to do some other stuff like watching an update of Running Man featuring the Girls’ Generation as well as to have a bonding time with myself. It is because these past few weeks, I haven’t been able to reward myself of the achievements that I got rooted on the sacrifices that I made just to get to where I want to be – that’s why I did it. You know that too much stress can kill you soooo, I grabbed the chance to breathe. But of course, tomorrow will be another normal day, as I am expecting and I hope that everything’s gonna be okay just the way it is today. 🙂




10th of August

10th of August

Dear Journal,

Yep yep yep… today is Thursdayyyyyy!!! (**Please take this line as a representation of my happiness**) Even though there are tons of things that must be accomplished today, I am still happy that I made this far ~healthily. Hahaha. It is because a lot of my friends were already sick due to our packed daily schedules and there is indeed a great chance of breaking down with all the mess that is happening around. Phew!

Anywayyyy… what else happened today? Hmmm. So basically I had a 3-hr quiz, a 3-hr differential equations lecture and another 3 effin hours for the laboratory. Not only that! I still had 3 hours of probability discussion — all in the same day. I can’t believe it. Lols. It was literally a torture. But even though that is the case, we cannot change anything on our schedule coz first of all, it is a state university and what the students just have to do is listen and study with no complaints at all. Well, that’s life. Hayyystt. Just accept the fact that it’s already like living inside the college. 😑

But if courseeee, my day did not just end there. There will always be the main highlight. What is it? The class meeting. And so, someone reported about the test leakage that happened last Monday. With everyone all in rage trying to find out who the heck spoke out, my perspective is different ~ of course, I said something during the meeting. Continue reading “10th of August”

7th of August

7th of August

Dear Journal,

Honestly, words aren’t really enough to describe what I am feeling right at this moment. Well today was another busy one for me since 2 of our theses still needed some work to be dones and also, major examinations were all added in a day and it made every single atom in my body freak out lols…

Yes, it’s pretty much understandable that this is part of being a student and I also admit to myself that indeed, I am already kind of abusive with regards to my own health. There came the lack of sleep, endless stress about projects and as well as the lack of time to have some proper meal. As a matter of fact, even though I was like diagnosed with acid reflux, things weren’t just falling in to their proper time and places making me feel tortured from head down to my toes. 😦 To be honest, there was even a time when I only had a proper dinner to survive the entire day. Indeed, it was hellish but what can I do? You may say, have some try on correctly managing your time and always know your top priorities but I have done that already. Still, a failure. Hayssst. There’s just tons of things to do with a very little amount of alloted time. Continue reading “7th of August”

3rd of August

August 3, 2017

Dear Journal,

Hey there everyoneeeeeee!

Yes, I am still here. I am still alive and kicking 🤣🤣🤣 and alsoooo, yes it’s true that I went to a hiatus. 

It’s just that things weren’t just falling in into their right time frames and that made me skip tons of blogging activities. But even though that’s the case, I am still trying to start back again to where I left and just go on with the ride…

Well, what happened to me these past few months??? 

Hmmm… Continue reading “3rd of August”