26th of June


June 26, 2017

Dear Journal,

          It’s Monday once more and things are getting a little bit weird in college. And what I mean by that is that our class GC [group chat] will be like the root of more weirdness this semester. People seemed to be not really interested to what others were saying and there’s even a case when someone cursed. It indeed came out of nowhere and everyone was shocked by that and also triggering other people. For us [me and my old classmates], I am proud to say that no one did that during our times as freshmen and also there’s none who sweared at someone for no reason. It’s just pointless, you know. I know that each of us has our own way of conversing with each other but can’t we put it in a nice way? We don’t need to show ourselves off just to make impression to people and also given that we’re new to each other. It doesn’t seem right and I think it’ll never will.

          Right now, I am choosing to be quiet not because I don’t want to be involved in fights but because it’s just so immature if I’ll say something, right? *sighs*

          But because it’s like the first day of a brand new week, I want to be positive about the things that I should be doing. I am planning to finish every single school work that I have on my desk and yeah… wish me luck!

          And as for the issues, let’s just get over it, can we?

          So I guess that would be it for today, see ya!




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