22nd of June

June 22, 2017

Dear Journal,

            It’s effin’ Thursday today and this would be the last day for my week because we have no classes for Saturday since its Manila Day!!!!!!!!!! So happy XD

            My emotions may not be felt that much by my entry for today but I am really passionate to show how much joyous I am at this very moment. *jumps* Finally, I can go back home and eat tons of foods without worrying about my weekly budget. HAHAHA.

            I think a lot of students living in their respective dorms would get the idea of what I am sayin’ right now coz really… it’s really hard to manage both money and boredom when you’re away from home. Seriously! If only I can manage the chance to travel every single day, I would but the only problem is that the TRAFFIC here in Manila is just a headache. It can even give you a migraine. Lols. The stress of so much people inside the terminals and the multiple accidents happenin’ around, it’s just a total wreck. Phew!

            But like I said, I am going back home today and it’s gonna be a five-day vacation for me so yasss!!! Let’s enjoy this long weekend. See ya next time!






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