20th of June

June 20, 2017

Dear Journal,

            Well well well, no class again today. HAHAHA. Actually, I am really digging my 4-days class schedule this semester coz we seemed to hold our time pretty much and there’s plenty of time to do other stuff aside from those for college. And maybe that is the reason why I got the chance to write a diary entry for this day. Thanks sched!!! 🙂

            Hmmm… what happened today? As usual, I went back to the dormitory and for the first time and I saw tons of new faces inside the house. If in the past, it was always me, my roommate and the caretaker, now, we’re jam-packed with so many kids and even night-shift employees. Honestly, I am still trying to adjust to things like time management with regards to who is inside the bathroom or who will clean the garbage at night and sorts… but I think it’ll only work out if we just don’t mess with each other’s lives, right? Just like total strangers. I’m fine with that as long as everybody’s fine with, it’s okay. Take care of your stuff and I’ll manage mine. Everybody happy! HAHAHA.

            I hope that tomorrow will be much more interesting for me and as this semester continues to roll, I wish that it will be less-dramatic and dynamic period. Just no more issues! Hehe.





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