15th of June

June 15, 2017

Dear Journal,

            This is the kind of day that I really hate the most. The red day… I mean, why do us, girls, have to suffer every single month for this. Lols XD. It is just really unacceptable, honestly speaking. *sighs*

            Well anyway, as if I can do anything to resolve this mess, I’ll just cut the chase and finish this journal entry for the day HAHA. Hmmm… Actually, I was scheduling something to be posted like an update on one of my favorite series that I am doing here in my blog but ended up discarding everything that I made. Too much conflicting ideas, I guess. And so, I want to do it again tomorrow after my prep sessions for the semestral opening this coming Monday. I know that rushing things up is not a good idea that is why I want to think things over and over again before publishing anything. Hoping for the best! Bye. 🙂





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