7th of June

June 7, 2017

Dear Journal,

              Today is my enrollment day! After a very long time of waiting, I finally got the chance to sign-up for my admission this coming semester. It wasn’t a great process to be honest since every time I go to my registration account, I am constantly reminded that I am no longer part of my old class. Soooo sad. We were separated and distributed to new sections as part of the ongoing process to resolve the problems happening amongst us especially bullying. I know it’s really a big deal especially to those who were really involved in this issue but not to us who were not. But even though that is the case, we have to adjust and start a brand new day. This is going to be hard but we have to try. I am no longer sector five but that’s okay… I’ll just try my best to fit once again.

              And so, going back to the main agenda of the day which is my admission…

              At around 6AM, I processed everything before going to the bank to pay for all the tuition fees. Thankfully, the authorized bank is really close to our house and that is why there isn’t much hassle when it comes to payment. So basically, I went there afterwards and I initially thought that I can finish this in less than 30 minutes coz there isn’t a lot of people that I saw BUT! When I looked at my number, I was like WOAAHHHH! It seemed that I am number 71 and the number flashed on the screen is at 35. Phew!

              It’s a long long rainy day but at least I got myself enrolled. 🙂






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