5th of May

May 5, 2017

Dear Journal,

        Today, nothing much really happened to be honest. I just spent most of the time lying down while finishing all korean dramas like Another Miss Oh and The Heirs. Good thing is that I finished them before the sun rose a while ago or else I’d be so dead to my mother if she see me wide awake like a fish. HAHA. 

              Even though this day wasn’t that much interesting and maybe it may seemed like some kind of ordinary day for me but I still felt relaxed. I wasn’t thinking of anything about school or whatsoever. I let go of all the bitterness for the last 24 hours and I am happy for that. I’ve been longing for a very long time to experience that kind of feeling before I get to start once again. I know that I’ve been trying really hard to fix things over regarding my health these past few weeks but only ended up more confused than I was before. I somehow miss my old self — that girl who’s always busy with college papers and examinations; who even abused herself with studying; who refused to have a social life for the sake of academics… I miss that kind of life. This is because that is the only time I can escape with my personal problems. I feel like even it’s just little by little, I am still able to move on from the tragic memories of my past that continuously haunts me. Those memories that I am talking about may not be known to my entire family but it stayed with me until today. I will be okay. I promise that. 





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