1st of April

April 1, 2017

Dear Journal,  

            Whenever I come up to a point wherein ideas aren’t flowing in and things are not just fitting the way I want them to be, I always try to write an entry to my daily journal. And even though I stopped long time ago, luckily, the eager to write is still within me. Thankfully!       

            So what to share about today? Hmmm… Let’s see.

            Well today happens to be April Fools’ Day so jokes and pranks are basically everywhere but not inside our house. HAHA. Uhm, coz maybe we’re not just into it, I guess? What is in it for us? Well, we just spent the entire day eating whatever is on the fridge and watching series of movies that is stored in our hard drive. That’s it! Lols. 😆 It may be a boring day to look at but believe me, this is our way of finding happiness. XD   

              As for me, what did I watch? It is no other than “Strong Woman, Do Bong Soon” [a Korean drama]. The characters are just really interesting and that is why I’m definitely hooked up with it. 😊

            Soooo, that is it for my day. I know that I’ve been like a random human being today who just stayed on the couch the entire day holding her phone and her laptop and watching Korean drama series, but I love being that way. Cheers! 🥂🥂🥂



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