28th of April

 April 28, 2017

Dear Journal,

            To be honest, it really wasn’t easy for me to blog these days since I have been facing several problems regarding my personal health. Well in fact, today, I went to Healthway to have a general checkup and get a consultation from a doctor. I went there because I have been feeling intermittent tingling and some kind of numbness feeling on my lower back and even on my left arm. Also, there was some pain when I urinate but that only happened once since that afternoon.  At first, there were two illnesses that appeared unto my mind all based on the symptoms that I have – one is the very common Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and the second one was a more severe case which is having a kidney stone. And so, when the doctor checked me up and ran tons of laboratory examinations, nothing seemed to be wrong but even though everything seemed to be normal, why I am feeling this way? Back then, I recalled that before I felt such signs and symptoms, I did some exercise earlier that morning and because of that intuition, the doctor concluded that maybe there were just nerves that were affected especially on my back all due to my not so heavy exercise and with regard to the occasional chest pain that I am feeling (sharp pains that go away after few seconds), it said to be only a result of my acid reflux, but that did not stopped me from thinking of something else. I knew deep inside that there was something the doctor’s missing. Continue reading “28th of April”


18th of April

April 18, 2017

Dear Journal,

             안녕하세요!!! What happened today? Hmmm…

            I felt really controlled today. It’s just that I never talked back unto my parents for making me do and buy stuff outside and even to my evil-like sister who passed almost all of the house chores to me.  Honestly, I have no idea why I was like that today but even though that is the case, I somehow realized that this is a good move to start actually. I mean if I would be able to consider first the happenings around me before making my emotions push through, I’m going to feel relaxed and at the same time, fulfilled as well. Fulfilled in the sense that, I became firm and optimistic throughout the day and also that I am relieved that I’ve hurt no one through my words and actions.

            Little by little, I am somewhat learning to know how to adapt in this world. At my age, I know that I need to be mature already and it is like this is the serious stage peeps. And with that, I am looking forward to see my future not only as a successful one in the line of my chosen career but also being a big contributor to the society that I belong to.

And I guess this can be considered as my biggest dream… A dream to become a better human being. 🙂







1st of April

April 1, 2017

Dear Journal,  

            Whenever I come up to a point wherein ideas aren’t flowing in and things are not just fitting the way I want them to be, I always try to write an entry to my daily journal. And even though I stopped long time ago, luckily, the eager to write is still within me. Thankfully!       

            So what to share about today? Hmmm… Let’s see.
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