18th of November

November 18, 2016 | Head Injury

Dear Journal,

                Today, I was really worried about Ate Janine since she had a head accident while playing their finals game in women’s basketball division a while ago. I felt terrible since when she fell to the ground having her head first, we couldn’t do a thing for it was also the time when we were playing our semi-finals match in badminton. My partner and I were really worried about all the things just by seeing it but of course, we can’t just stop and run unto them. We have to continue and that’s what we did. After the entire game, we rushed towards their side and seeing their emotional faces just alarmed me.

                Even though our friendship was still raw and we’re not yet at the peak of it, I am still worried and terrified about everything that going on with her. First of all, I can’t deny that I am indeed amazed by the fact that she’s great in several sports activities. No wonder, she became a varsity player for years. But given that case, I’m still weakening whenever I see her being hurt. It’s like that I am starting to treat her as my older sister. And when it comes to family members, I’ve always been known to be protective in all ways as possible. That is what I am doing right now. I am willing to sacrifice anything and give all the things needed just for her to be okay.

                She may not feel this right now but I really do care for her, and I’ll forever will.




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