28th of July

July 28, 2016

Dear Journal,

Today had been really a tough time for me since our schedules were so tight that I cannot even have a time to look over my site for quite some time. I know I’ve been saying this for like every single post that I have but I just want to clear things out so that my readers are updated for what’s happening with me and my life.

And with regards to what happened to me on this day, I took the first examination in Differential Calculus which is basically about limits. Also, since this was our first encounter with a test questionnaire written by our very own professor, we felt the chills and the fears of failing and not finishing the test on time but we were all wrong. It was not a quiz that we expected. Not that it’s so easy, it’s just that it is not that hard. It’s basic questions but still, as a student, until now, I am so scared of knowing what result might be. I hope the sleepless nights will pay off during this time.

Also, aside from very brain-draining class, I attended my College Physics session and performed an experiment about Uniform Accelerated Motion. I learned that it wasn’t easy at all since not all of us were working to attain our main goal. I guess that’s always the problem when it comes to group work. We were always struggling to jive in with our personal ideas on how to execute something until we reach the point when we’re out of time. I want to change that, honestly speaking, but I am also scared to voice out myself since I don’t want to be labeled for the second time around for acting like a boss. I learned my lesson when we were in first year and I would never ever grab the chance to be in cone of shame for this one.

I hope that we’ll be able to finish the next ones earlier than expected, now that we’re adjusting with one another. 🙂

Yours truly,



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